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About Brian J. Lane

Award-winning author Brian J. Lane self-published his first book in 2007. Since then Hikernut’s Grand Canyon Companion has won six national and regional awards, including a 2008 Benjamin Franklin Finalist Award. His first edition sold nearly all of the initial 10,000 printed copies, helping to keep hikers safe as they explore the majestic Grand Canyon of Arizona.


In 2012, The Countryman Press (a subsidiary of  W. W. Norton & Co.), agreed to publish the second edition of  Brian’s Grand Canyon book along with his second offering, Hikernut’s Canyon Lands Companion – A Guide to the Best Canyon Hikes in the American Southwest. Lane's Canyon Lands Book won a 2014 Benjamin Franklin Gold Book Award. Both books offer practical advice honed from over twenty years of hiking experience in the canyon country of the Colorado Plateau and elsewhere in the United States and Canada.

Lane frequently hikes within the greater Canyon Lands and has emerged as a spokesperson and face of the Colorado Plateau’s Canyon Country. Brian produces his books in their entirety - hiking the trails, writing the text, taking the photos, drawing the maps and graphics, designing the book, and setting it in QuarkXPress desktop publishing application prior to sending the completed files to The Countryman Press. Although Lane is quick to point out that he does depend on assistance from author Kathleen Bryant, who expertly edits the text.

A NOLS/WMI certified Wilderness First Responder, Brian is an active member of the Outdoor Writers Association of American (OWAA), American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), American Hiking Society, and a Life Member of the Sierra Club. In 2001 he was awarded a Photographer's Forum Award of Excellence. The author is also a horticulturist, forestry and wildlife conservationist, and a master watershed steward, advocating for sustainable resource management. Born and raised in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, he and his wife reside on their four-acre ranch in the Red Rock Valley of Sedona, AZ.

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