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Book Updates

The first edition of Hikernut's Grand Canyon Companion was printed in 2007. Listed below are a few of the more important changes that have occurred since that time.

The second edition of Hikernut’s Grand Canyon Companion was released by The Countryman Press in December of 2012. Please disregard the mention of including a Snake Bite Kit as listed on the Gear List (see Snake Bite Update below).

New Permit Procedures:
Backcountry permits are required for anyone wanting to stay overnight inside the Grand Canyon, unless you have reservations for Phantom Ranch. Requests for permits are currently accepted no earlier than the first day of the month – four months prior to the trip start date. So, for example, if your trip date begins in the month of April, you’ll want to submit your permit application on December 1st, either by mail or by fax.

Backcountry Information Center

Effective February 1st, 2010, Grand Canyon National Park will consider only written requests during the forth-month-out. No longer will those wanting permits be allowed to apply in person during the first month that they become available. Walk-ins for permits are now only allowed beginning on the first day, three months out.

Snake Bite Update:
It is no longer recommended to use the Sawyer Extractor for snakebite. It has been shown to do more damage than good. Simply clean the wound and evacuate the patient.

River Resthouse toilets

New Toilets at 3-Mile Resthouse, River Resthouse, and The Pumphouse:
New toilets have been installed in back of  3-Mile Resthouse, next to the River Resthouse where the trial meets the Colorado River, and at the Pumphouse.

Grand Canyon Lodge at the North Rim:
The Grand Canyon Lodge is now under the management of Forever Resorts at or call (877)386-4383.